New gun weekend and Sumdood report

I’m going to say that I bought a new gun to celebrate Veteran’s Day; but that’s not quite how it shook down.  I was in Gander Mountain for Christmas related reasons, when my perusal of “clearance shotguns” section cast my eye upon the very H&R Survivor .410/.45 Colt combo shotgun I had been chasing after the last time I went to a gun show.

So, because the Budget Committee is a wonderful and graceful woman, I was able to acquire said shotgun rifle.  I’ll be rolling out to the range in the next couple of weeks to try it out.  Like the webpage says, it has a hollow buttstock that allows you put survival gear in there.  A ziploc baggie full of matches and some tinder would be a nice fit.  Or, I could do like Mrs. Ahab said and “fill it full of beef jerky”.

In other interesting events from the weekend, I witnessed an attempted straw purchase.  Now, the actual definition of a straw purchase is when someone who is legally allowed to purchase a firearm is purchasing a firearm for someone who is legally barred from gun ownership.

Of course, I almost died laughing when I overheard the whole transaction.  It went something like this:

Gander Mtn Employee: “Sir, you’ve checked the box that indicates you are not the actual purchaser of this firearm.  Because of this, we cannot legally sell you a gun.”

Straw man: “So, you can’t sell me this gun because I’m buyin’ it for someone else?”

GM Employee: “That’s correct.  Who exactly were you buying this gun for?”

Straw Man: “Uh…just sumdood.”

On a humorous note, the firearm he was trying to buy was a POS used PPk clone, in glorious chrome.

Pretty good weekend for me.  If I can cap it off with a 49ers win tonight, it will be perfect.


  1. That somedood is sure a troublemaker. I do hope the guy behind the counter explained to this guy that what he was trying to do was a felony. Otherwise he might think “I’ll just say yes at the next store I go to”

  2. Depending on how big the compartment is, you might be able to store a smaller, secondary gun.

    Or just fill it with PEZ.

  3. Jerky? Pez? Tinder? No way… CHOColate!
    Nothing says, “woohoo, you hit that mark!” like a bite size Snickers or a Reese’s cup reward.
    Incentives are important. I learned that in ReHab.

  4. OK, Ahab! What kind of hinkey site are you runnin’ here? That totally blanked out the my quotation marks around “incentives blah blah blah rehab” and took out the creds to a line from the movie “Captain Ron”. S’up wid dat?

  5. Just think, Sumdood may have been waiting outside the store. Had they called the cops…well, you could’ve been famous Ahab. Missed it by this much.

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