People of the Gun

Since I’m pretty sure my emails to Jeff are getting picked off by his spam filter, I am left with one recourse. I can blag about it, and whine that he hasn’t made me a Peoples of the Gun yet.

Here’s the picture I want up – if it’s “too much gun”, then I have one that wouldn’t scare whitey as much.  (Click for fullsize.)


  1. Man a .45 Bore revolver does look rather badass.

    At some point I want to get a Ruger Redhawk Alaskan in .454 Casull.

    Though a .45 ACP revolver is VERY badass.

  2. Yeah, I love .45 caliber revolvers. The big one at left is the ’37 Brazilian Contract S&W, and my Taurus .45 ACP Tracker is kind of obscured. You can also sort of see my ’58 Remington that I converted to .45 Colt.

  3. Omigosh! You’re a corn nubbin! Well, at least compared to my idea of what a “What Would John Wayne Do?” blogger must look like! :p

  4. The spam filter probably thinks that “nrahab” is a spamutation of “rehab”. Because drug addicts need their “pills”.

    It is a sea… a sea of wheelguns.

  5. Annie got here first. My first thought was, “Holy shit, he’s just a baby”… 😉

    That’s a good start to a collection. About what I had when you were in grammar school…

    I had to walk to school. Both ways. 15 miles. In four feet of snow…

  6. Annie – I am a small, young man. Jay – that’s not all of my collection. That’s just the guns I took shooting today.

  7. Aw, please don’t take offense. I wish there were more decent young men (and women!) representing our gun community in the way that you are doing.
    I think you rock! 😀

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