What’s the deal with Richard Feldman?

Apparently, he used to work for the NRA, and now, while he ostensibly is still pro-gun, seems to spend a lot of his time trashing the NRA.  Honestly, the first time I heard about him was after the VA Tech shootings, when he did this interview with US News.  Honestly, I didn’t think too much of it at the time, and I certainly didn’t blog it, because it basically reads like “rororor t3h NRA sux I am the best” – so I pretty much skipped it to something that was more newsworthy.

Now, he’s got another hit piece out, this time in the UK Independent, which is again nothing but criticism of the NRA.  All the research that I can turn up keeps leading me back to the conclusions that Feldman is still pretty pissed at the NRA for the political intrigue that caused his ouster back in the mid 90’s.

As a note, I’m not passing judgment on the guy here; I’m honestly asking the question.  I can assume that my readers who are drinking the NRA Hateraede will expound on the issue further.  I’m also going to admit that I’m a bit biased – frankly, all the documents I’ve read from Feldman in his post NRA years make him sound like a whiny kid.  Right now, that’s the interpretation I’m going with.  He got in a power struggle at the NRA, lost, and now he’s kicking rocks at them in revenge.  But I’m also willing to admit that I could be wrong.

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