Soon-to-be Evil assault weapon

The Kodiak Express Double Rifle, from Cabelas.  If the Governor of New York has his way, I’m fairly certain that this rifle will soon be heavily regulated up there.

Honestly, that’s really too bad, because it’s such a pretty gun.  A double-barreled .72 caliber front-stuffer is my dream rifle for the Alaskan Grizzly Hunt that I’ll never actually do.


  1. If you do get that for your Alaska Grizzly Hunt, make sure you file off the front sight. So it doesn’t hurt so bad when the bear stuffs it where the sun don’t shine.

    That’s what we’d tell folks that carried .44 Magnum pistols while in bear country, when I lived in Alaska.

  2. I am relatively confident that two .72 caliber roundballs over 150 grains of blackpowder each should get the job done.

    Of course, I wouldn’t go without a backup hunter carrying a large gun.

  3. That remains one of the things on my to-do list. I’ve taken large black bear, hogs, gators, even a puma, but never a shot at a Kodiak. I gave up on one of my adolescent daydreams of an African safari because I wouldn’t spend a red cent of cash in most of those country’s. But a big Grizz, now that would be the coolest.

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