Liar, liar

Pants on fire.  If you’ve ever debated anti-gun types for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard the canard that “the 2nd Amendment says you can have muskets and muzzleloaders”; or “you can have all the muskets you want, but the 2nd Amendment doesn’t cover ‘assault weapons’ “.  Disregarding for a moment that it’s a ludicrous assumption to make (especially since the 1st Amendment covers the internet), apparently those people that don’t care about muskets actually do care about muskets.

“Last week, The Investigators went undercover to expose a gaping loophole in New York state’s gun laws. Now Governor Eliot Spitzer is promising to examine the problem more closely.”
“The black powder rifle’s exemption from gun laws is one of the last remaining major gun loopholes in the state of New York. But the days of buying this deadly weapon no questions asked may be numbered.

H/T to Dave Hardy and Sebastian  for getting the drop on this story.  It’s actually quite significant for a number of reasons.  I mentioned the first reason above – this betrays a lot of the true intentions of the anti-gun crowd.  They can say “muskets and muzzleloaders are fine”, but what they apparently mean is “muskets and muzzleloaders are fine until we decide that you shouldn’t have them any more”.

The second reason that I think this is significant is that it really does demonstrate that no one is safe.  The thoughts of “I’m just into ‘X’ shooting, gun control won’t affect me”; where “X” could be Cowboy Action, Traditional Muzzleloading, or whatever you else you want are dangerous thoughts.  Despite the fact that I don’t think a .50 cal muzzleloader has been used in the commission of a crime since 1850, they can and will try to regulate them as well.  It starts in New York, spreads to Massachusetts, then jumps to Chicago and eventually California.


  1. To be fair, they did point out that a convicted rapist recently shot a state trooper with one.

  2. Come on, haven’t you heard about the rash of new drive-by shootings? Apparently it’s the new thing with big time gangs like the crips. They call it “Broadsiding”. Basically, they steal a limo (or in a pinch, a Hummer, old Caddy, or even a minivan will do) roll to their intended location, then everyone sticks their muzzleloaders out the window, fires one shot, and they drive off in a sight-obscuring cloud of power smoke.

    Apparently everyone’s been desensitized to the sound of automatic weapons fire, but the window-rattling noise of six .50 cal muzzleloaders going off is something new. Maybe they’re switch to blunderbusses next.

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