Tonight at 11pm Eastern

I’ll be appearing (do you “appear” on a radio show?) on Cam & Company, on the NRA News station. We’re going to be talking about the CBS hit piece on “assault weapons” that the blog universe (especially SailorCurt, way to go!) took apart.

Also, if you listen in, you’ll get to learn my real name (no, it’s not Ahab) which is the source of all my powers.

You can either listen live at where the feed will automatically stream in the content window, or on Sirius Channel 144. Again, that’s 11pm, and the show is Cam & Company.


  1. Wow! That’s cool.

    Will the show be podcast for later enjoyment? By 11P.M. I’m drooling on my pillow, but I’d love to hear it.

    And funny, I know a lot of gun blogger’s real names because they often email me and their addresses have their names in it. So I have to mentally “forget” them so that I don’t bring them up in conversation.

  2. Congrats Mate you did good I’m only new to the States ( I’m an Aussie ) but i have already joined the NRA because i do not want to see the USA go the same way as Australia

    The Duke

  3. Heard you on Sirius Patriot. Now that I know your first name, it’s over. lol

    You sounded very intelligent and very well-spoken. Good job.

  4. You were able to resist saying curse words on the air. That’s a lot better than most people manage.

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