After a brutal summer, fall is finally upon us here in the Corn State of Indiana.  I realize that the title of this particular entry is “shooting”, and there’s a good reason for that; namely it’s because to me, fall and shooting go hand in hand.

There is something especially pleasing about unpacking my gear at the range on a cool October morning.  The chill, and the crisp taste of the air fill up my lungs as I settle in my first shot of the day.  It’s hard to really accurately define, but fall accentuates all the things I love about shooting.  My sight picture seems more crisp, the sound of the empties falling from my revolver to the ground below sounds almost musical.

It may seem odd to wax so poetic about something like that; but nonetheless the connection exists for me.  The forecast for this weekend has our first cool, truly fall day on Saturday, and I can guarantee that you will find me at the range.

Most people who shoot should understand the connection – while I do shoot to practice shooting for defensive situations, or to improve my accuracy with different guns, mostly I shoot because I love to shoot.  Fall merely takes the things I love about shooting, and makes them that much better.


  1. And what better way to kick of the fact that “fall is finally here!!” than a gun show in Ft.Wayne. I know they’ve gone downhill, but I’m still drawn to going.

  2. Going to a gun show in Ft. Wayne has the added benefit of it being Paul Helmke’s former vassalage. It sorta’ gives you the chance to thumb your nose at him.

  3. So it goes like so?

    Parking – two bucks
    Admission – six bucks
    Cold greasy fries / lukewarm watered down diet coke – seven bucks
    Some little ‘chanced upon’ pea shooter – a hundred bucks
    Thumbing your nose at Helmke – Priceless.

  4. Aw, dude. I miss Albuquerque Shooting Range Park and crystal clear Saturdays with my M1A practicing my 100 yd offhand…


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