Michael Vick is innocent

until proven guilty in a court of law. After that whole goddamn debacle with those kids from Duke (who were innocent), I am not willing to say that he’s guilty or should be suspended or something like that.

I have never liked Michael Vick. Ask anyone that I went to college with, and they will agree that I’ve never had a kind for him as a player or a person. I think that professional football is worse off because of people like him.

So bear that in mind when I say that he deserves the full benefit of our legal system. I am sure and goddamn tired of people being tried, convicted, and executed in the court of public opinion before they’ve even stepped in front of a jury.

If, and I say If he is guilty, and is proven so by our flawed-but-better-than-nothing legal system, then I will be among the first to call for his head on a stick. The crimes he’s accused of are sick and depraved, and if he is found guilty, I hope his football career is destroyed and that he serves the maximum possible sentence.

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