Another gun editorial

But with a twist – and the twist being that the editorial isn’t anti-gun. I know, I’m just as surprised as you are, in fact I damn near fell out of my chair when I read this.

One of the things that makes a gun so unforgiving is that, as a tool, it has no conscience. Unable to operate itself or pull its own trigger, a gun is as safe or dangerous as the person holding it. An unfortunate reality of gun ownership is that when these tools are mishandled, accidents occur — generally to tragic results.

I’m honestly not used to writing about editorials that are intelligent, well written, and express opinions with which I agree. Honestly, I’m writing about this specifically because I wanted to point it out and express my appreciation and surprise that a newspaper (any newspaper) would publish an editorial with such shocking comments as this:

Some gun owners prefer to keep their firearms loaded and within easy reach, just in case an intruder makes an unwelcome appearance in the dead of night. While the right to bear arms is affirmed by the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, gun ownership also brings with it the legal and moral duty to ensure that children are denied access to firearms. Any rules set for gun owners’ children also should apply to their friends and to untrained adults who visit the home.

The article concludes by telling readers that the local PD offers free gunlocks for safely storing firearms, as well as exhorting parents to take the time to address the issue of proper gun safety with their children.

Constitutional rights, responsible gun safety, and intelligent advice from a newspaper? The Duke would approve.