E-Postal Match: Reload drill

This month’s E-Postal match, called “Reload” is being hosted by SailorCurt. I went to the range for it today, and I had a pretty good time. A bit more “fun” than the Golf match; I will say that the ten-ring this month was ridiculously small. If I had shot this with my .45 Remington, I would have just shot the entire 9-ring out.

I took three guns for this, my Taurus Pt92 9mm which I entered in Class 1 (Carry guns), my Taurus Tracker .357 which I entered in Class 4 (Centerfire Fixed sights), and my ever present Walther P22, which I entered in Class 2 (Rimfire Fixed sights).

First up to the bench was the Pt92. I shot this with off the shelf Wolf 115 grain ball – and it would have been a great target had it not been for the flyers on the first target.

Pt92, 1st target

Pt92, 2nd target

I didn’t manage to break 80 on either of those targets, so I’m feeling like I left the door wide open for anyone who has even slightly better trigger discipline than I do. I mean honestly – a pair of twos and a three? LT Czerwonka would kick my ass if he knew about that.

Up next I shot the Taurus Tracker. I love this gun, and for good reason. It shoots very well and with the .38 Special +p I was running, recoil is mild at best. These targets were shot with CCI Blazer, 125 grain JHP +p.

I’m a little bitter, because as you can see on the first target, there’s a hit right above the “p” in Mr. Completely. After I had finished shooting and was waiting for the line to go cold to change my paper, the (expletive) next to me says to his idiot friend, “Hey, check this out” and proceeds to try for five shots on my target backer – a standard IDPA silhouette. He dropped on of his “headshots” onto my paper; which caused me to uh…politely remind him to keep his hits on his own paper.

Tracker, 1st target

Tracker, 2nd target

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the targets I shot with the Tracker, although again I got killed by a lack of trigger discipline. You take that three on the second target and make it a six or an eight, and well…you get the idea.

Lastly, I took out the P22. With its short barrel and CCI Stingers, this isn’t exactly a target gun; but it does pretty well. I was getting to antsy to move on to sighting in my 10/22 with its new scope (which I had brought to do after shooting the match), so I wound up and shot this pretty quick.

P22, 1st target

P22, 2nd target

Look Ma! Two 80’s! So, that was pretty anti-climatic.

All told, this was a pretty fun match. I feel pretty good about my Tracker score and alright about the P22 score, although frankly I wish I hadn’t spanked those three shots into oblivion.

Next month’s match is being hosted by The Conservative UAW Guy. Looking forward to it!