Gum chewing

I haven’t done a manners post in a while; generally those only happen when my sense of proper decorum is offended by the crass behavior of some miscreant.

I don’t really like gum chewing. I’ve personally never enjoyed repeatedly masticating a piece of sugary goo until it looses all flavor – but some people do. That’s fine, I suppose, but there are certainly times when chewing gum isn’t really appropriate.

Additionally, if you must chew gum, try to keep your mouth shut so you don’t smack your lips like some Neanderthal. You know, when I think about it; that’s what actually annoys me about gum chewing. The majority of people that chew gum don’t chew with their mouth closed, which causes them to produce that incredibly disgusting sound of lip-smacking, coupled with the fact that I can view their partially chewed gum rolling around in their pie-hole.

I don’t care if you chew gum. But if you do, chew with your mouth shut. And don’t talk to me on the phone when you do, I can hear you chewing and it’s disgusting.