The coolest beer ever

I like drinking, and although I enjoy good wine and hard liquor, sometimes I just want a beer. Luckily, I can’t bring myself to drink the piss that Budweiser, Miller, and Coors try to pass off as beer so I’m always on a search for a good microbrew.

Now, you might not think that this is related, but I’m also a big fan of WWII Warbirds and I like supporting Indiana businesses.

So, imagine my surprise and joy when at the liquor store on Monday I discovered beer from Warbird Brewing Company, headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Currently, the company has four different beers that they offer:

T-6 Red Ale

Mustang Gold Ale

Thunderbolt Wheat

Warhawk Pale Ale

Great planes, local company, good beer. Warbird Brewing definitely gets the stamp of What John Wayne Would Drink.