It takes all kinds

Don’t you hate it when the crazy people have some of the same labels as you? A friend of mine directed me to this blog entry by someone who seems to be a bit of a fan of Sam Brownback. I have no inherent beef with Brownie, he doesn’t seem like too bad of a guy despite some of his positions. The blog entry on the other hand, is 31 flavors of delicious crazy.

What’s even worse than the debate raging in American schools about the teaching of the soulless doctrine of evolution, is the non-debate over an issue that rational Americans have foolishly conceded to the secular among us: the issue of Heliocentrism, or the idea that the Earth revolves around the Sun.

I find it moderately disturbing that people exist who question things like that. Questioning the revolution of the Earth around the Sun is like, well, it’s like questioning gravity. What’s even worse is that this doesn’t appear to be satire, as there are other posts in the blog that take just the same (crazy) tone as this one.

But here’s the real prizewinner right here.

Look, people, even your Heliocentric hero Galileo recanted his idiotic notions about the Earth revolving around the Sun. If he’s your so-called reliable source on this, I think it does wonders to shatter the idea’s credibility that one of its main proponents backed away from it so abruptly.

According to the historical record, Galileo only recanted because he was order to do so by the Catholic Church; which was part of his sentence for heresy. I believe that legal term for that would be “under duress”, which is a nice way of saying that it doesn’t really count anyway.

What I find frustrating by ideas like this isn’t that they exist; if you want to hold some crazy belief about the Earth being the center of the solar system, that’s fine. My concern is two fold in nature: 1) that the people who hold these ideas believe that their crazy theories are just as valid as scientific fact, and 2) that because of the crazy person’s use of a label like “Christian” they’re just enforcing the constant negative stereotype being driven down people’s throats.

I don’t want people to think that all Christians are ignorant, hateful people just because some (loud) Christians are ignorant, hateful people.