Gun show!

Today is the opening day of the three day Indy 1500 gun and knife show and your humble author will be in attendance for Friday’s festivities. I love gun shows as I’ve mentioned before; they provide a great opportunity to find that one gun that your local gunshop doesn’t stock but that you really, really want.

(sarcasm warning!) They’re really great, because I can hang out with terrorists and buy fully-automatic AK47s without a background check or a driver’s license! (end sarcasm)

Honestly though, the “gun show loophole” meme is really annoying, because maybe 12 seconds of research would turn up the fact that it doesn’t actually exist. The 1500 doesn’t even allow private sellers to sell “firearms”, they can sell black powder guns, antiques, etc – but to sell actual functioning firearms at this gun show you have to have an FFL and be in full compliance with the law.

I’m looking for either a .410 shotgun or a Henry AR-7 at this show – the .410 has practical use and the AR-7 has “wicked gadget factor”, which will always get my attention. It should be a good time, and I’ll offer a follow-up report for you guys at the conclusion.