Muzzleloading tidbits

I’m going to reach into Ahab’s bag of wisdom here and pull out some advice for any gents that are considering taking up the fine hobby of muzzleloading firearms.

As you know, it is recommended that before and after a session with a muzzleloader, that you fire a percussion cap on each nipple over an uncharged chamber or barrel to remove fouling. While this is an excellent idea, doing it indoors might cause your wife to become “mildly upset”; additionally if you’re unfortunate enough to own a cat the feline may become lodged in your leg.

“Honey, the ATF doesn’t classify it as an explosive” is not justification enough for storing 25 pounds of Pyrodex.

Just because some guy on the internet put the metal parts of his ’60 Colt Army in the dishwasher doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t tell your wife before you do.

Standing in the kitchen cleaning guns while your wife cooks does not count as “helping her with dinner”. Trust me.

Don’t ever tell your wife that you’d be more attracted to her if she found a perfume that smelled like blackpowder. It’s just not a good idea.

If you follow the above helpful tips, you as well as I can enjoy the fine sport of muzzleloading firearms, and preserve your marriage to boot!