E-Postal Results

Are up over at Free Spirit Mind. Saying that I’m pleased with my performance would be a lie; as Mr. Completely and Bill absolutely spanked me in the Rimfire Iron Sight Category. I take some small solace in knowing that I did come in first place in the Centerfire Iron Sight division, and first place out of all “Centerfire” class pistols.

Thoughts – I agree that the target was hard; and since it was purpose built to provide a challenge for target sighted .22s, it was a pain in the ass for my fixed sights .22 Magnum. It was very challenging and a lot of fun though.

According to Mr. Completely’s place, the next match is scheduled to open June 4th, and is hosted by SailorCurt. I’ll make a concerted effort to shoot more guns in this match than I did in the last one.

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