Surprise of the day

I’m certain that most of you heard about the citizen that plugged some pismire in New Hampshire after the little scumbag had murdered a cop? Kim du Toit featured it in his “righteous shootings”.

Well, in my surprise of the day, because the scumbag was related to someone famous (who is also a douchebag) the media and some of the townspeople are trying to portray the murdered cop as some sort of abuser of power.

Here’s my problem with that theory – assume for the moment that the cop had maybe whacked him once, which the family of the deceased alleges. That doesn’t justify shooting the officer four times and then running him the fuck over with your car.

Here’s the part that really seals the deal for me; at least in regards to the “abusive cop vs. poor oppressed citizen”. It’s a little long, but pertinent.

In January 2003, an aunt, Larisa Kenney, sought a restraining order against her nephew, then 19. In a handwritten letter, she told the court Liko had frightened her by chain-sawing trees near her cabin, sending one crashing onto her roof as she slept. When she confronted him, she said Liko exploded — shouting, grabbing her and then following her on his ATV as she ran to safety at a relative’s home.

Just weeks later, Liko Kenney had a violent run-in with McKay, who had followed tire tracks into an isolated parking area. Court documents say it took three officers to subdue Kenney, who tried to escape three times, once while cuffed and shackled.

One officer said Kenney grabbed McKay in the groin and that McKay reacted by punching Kenney in the face. Kenney’s family and many in town say McKay broke Kenney’s jaw that night, but Grafton County Attorney Rick St. Hilaire said Kenney’s jaw was not broken.

Kenney could have gone to prison after pleading guilty to resisting arrest and assaulting McKay. But he got 15 days in jail, time served, when McKay asked for leniency, according to St. Hilaire.

The cop who was murdered asked for leniency at the sentencing hearing of the little scumbag. That really doesn’t say “abusive authority” to me, but then again I’m not crazy.

Of course, there are also some folks who are upset at the good citizen that plugged the asshole in question. It seems that the good citizen was an ex-Marine, which does help explain the rather decisive outcome, but there’s always someone to piss in the Cheerios.

Jean McLean…called the killings “vigilante justice”.

Well, let’s revisit the killing, for the moment. Citizen sees scumbag shoot, then run over cop. Somehow, citizen acquires downed officer’s firearm, instructs scumbag to drop his weapon. Scumbag does not drop his weapon, citizen who has just witnessed scumbag commit one heinous murder sends scumbag to his eternal rest. Sounds really vigilante to me. Doesn’t sound at all like justified self-defense (which the police department and the city attorney said it was).

The short version of the story is that Liko Kenney (the dead scumbag) was took his final moments on earth to commit a brutal murder; Bruce McKay (the cop) has left a child and a bride-to-be behind him, and that an ex-Marine did the right thing in a tough situation.

Update: In further unsurprising events, the Boston Globe is attempting to paint the ex-Marine as some sort of loner/crazy. Now, while it appears that his past civilian activities had some blemishes, I’m still unconvinced that this was some sort of vigilante killing.