Look what I found

Via Uncle & Tam, I see that Rachel Lucas is “back”. I qualify “back” because her previous run at things predates my time in the saddle; however she earned my readership with one little line.

How totally awesome Blake Lewis on American Idol is with his freaky little beat-boxing

YEEESSSSSS. My dark secret is that I <3 American Idol, and I’m pulling for my boy Blake to win; mostly because he’s the first “Idol” in years where I’d actually buy a CD he put out.

She then proceeded to further win my heart with this.

How badly I want to choke Paris Hilton and/or Britney Spears but especially Lindsay Lohan.

My commentary on Lindsay Lohan is as follows:

Dear Ms. Lohan,

You used to be hot before you got all skinny and anorexic looking. Eat a damn porkchop.



P.S. Barring that, if you could walk into a propeller that would be fine.

So, I’m officially a fan of Rachel Lucas, and will place her in the blogroll, meager peon that I am.