Wouldn’t it be neat

So, I’ve been fondly thinking of items/services I’d like the gun industry to produce. Things I want and why, basically.


I want Wolf to produce a run of 9mm Largo ammo so I can actually take my Destroyer Carbine to the range without wincing every time I pull the trigger and see $1 fly downrange.

I want Aguila to figure out a way to shoehorn that 60 grain bullet into a .22 WMR. Actually, I’d like any manufacturer to do that.

I want someone to neck down a .32 case to take a 40 grain bullet from a .22 WMR. Make the round hit 1300 FPS from a 3 inch barrel and call it the .22 Lightspeed.

Would someone please make the .38 S&W load with the 200 grain bullet again? The British .38/200 was an awesome round.


Get Marlin to make a bolt action carbine with a 16 barrel and a fixed magazine that can loaded via stripper clips/single rounds…chambered for .45 ACP. Like I said in the Survival Carbines post, I don’t know what I’d use it for, but I’d buy two.

Somebody make a new gun chambered in 9mm Largo.

Get Walther to scale up the design of the P22 for small centerfires like the .32 ACP, or better yet, my “new” .22 Lightspeed.

I want EAA to make a version of the Bounty Hunter single action with a 3 inch barrel and no ejector rod. Keep the plow handle grips though. I’d buy 3.

I really, really want someone to make a double action revolver about the size of the SP101 that’s chambered for .40 S&W and uses full moon clips to hold the rounds. Come on. Tell me that wouldn’t be awesome.

That’s pretty much the sum of my “wouldn’t that be neat” list.

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