Please stand by

If you’re here for gun stuff, hold on for a second because I’m going to talk about sports for a second.

1. Go Colts. Fantastic game. Indianapolis showed again that they’re not just a classy team, but that they can beat the best defense in the NFL. And even sweeter that it was against a team that I loathe in the Jets.

2. Go Saints! Fellow Boilermaker and all around good guy Drew Brees finally gets to play on the biggest stage in pro sports.

I honestly don’t know which team I’m going to root for. If Peyton wins a second Super Bowl, he legitmately deserves to be in the coversation for the greatest QB of all time – possibly better than my childhood hero Joe Montana.

On the flip side, I’d love to see Drew Brees and the Saints win a Super Bowl. All the work that he and Shaun Peyton have put into that team is finally paying off.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled gun blogging.

2 thoughts on “Please stand by”

  1. “possibly better than my childhood hero Joe Montana.”
    Mine too.

    Still: WTF?
    Joe: 4 SB wins, 3 SB MVPs, over 9 seasons (’81 – ’89)
    Payton: 1 SB win and 1 SB MVP in, what, 12 seasons?

    Even if Payton goes 2 and 2: No.

  2. I will say this in defense of Peyton – his numbers are absurbly good compared to Montana’s. I mean ridiculously good, and Peyton hasn’t (until recent years) had the supporting cast or the defense that Joe enjoyed.

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