Please stand by

If you’re here for gun stuff, hold on for a second because I’m going to talk about sports for a second.

1. Go Colts. Fantastic game. Indianapolis showed again that they’re not just a classy team, but that they can beat the best defense in the NFL. And even sweeter that it was against a team that I loathe in the Jets.

2. Go Saints! Fellow Boilermaker and all around good guy Drew Brees finally gets to play on the biggest stage in pro sports.

I honestly don’t know which team I’m going to root for. If Peyton wins a second Super Bowl, he legitmately deserves to be in the coversation for the greatest QB of all time – possibly better than my childhood hero Joe Montana.

On the flip side, I’d love to see Drew Brees and the Saints win a Super Bowl. All the work that he and Shaun Peyton have put into that team is finally paying off.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled gun blogging.


  1. “possibly better than my childhood hero Joe Montana.”
    Mine too.

    Still: WTF?
    Joe: 4 SB wins, 3 SB MVPs, over 9 seasons (’81 – ’89)
    Payton: 1 SB win and 1 SB MVP in, what, 12 seasons?

    Even if Payton goes 2 and 2: No.

  2. I will say this in defense of Peyton – his numbers are absurbly good compared to Montana’s. I mean ridiculously good, and Peyton hasn’t (until recent years) had the supporting cast or the defense that Joe enjoyed.

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