The gun fairy came

Picked up the Model 60 Pro Series and the 686SSR Pro Series yesterday.  The Model 60 is going to get written up for US Concealed Carry Magazine, part of that means it’s going to be my everyday carry gun for a while as the article gets written.

The 686SSR is also going to get written up here and there, but you’ll see that gun on Tuesday night’s episode of Gun Nuts Radio.  I’ll grab some pictures of both guns this weekend, because I know that’s what you really want.

FTC Disclaimer: The Model 60 Pro Series and 686 SSR were provided by Smith & Wesson for review purposes only; if I as the author want to keep the guns, I have to pay for them.  It’s not a freebie.


  1. How would you feel about choosing to live in a state that prohibits concealed carry and what you might do about it?

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