Accuracy variance

It’s possible to mess up shooting groups even when you’re shooting off a rest.

D-spring 030

I had a good thing going there, and then I thought it would be rad to push the gun harder into the sandbag, which lifted the front sight just enough to open up the group pretty considerably. Considering that the gun and ammo combo is capable of 2 inches easily at 25 yards, this 3 inch 25 yard group isn’t that great.

Everytown for Gun Safety doesn’t know how guns work

everytown for gun derp

This is just classic. By now you’ve heard that Mayor Bloomberg, who thinks that everyone loves him and that his actions for gun control have guaranteed him a spot in heaven, rebranded his gun control groups as Everytown for Gun Safety. You also probably know that the prime FB page for that name got jumped by a pro-gun group, leaving Bloomie & Co with the less desirable “Everytown For Gun Safety.Org” in their FB url. The other day, they posted the above image on Facebook.