US Border Patrol deadlining rifles at a rate that is detrimental to officer safety


Within this past month, CBP (Border Patrol) stations were hit hard by an inspection performed by¬†agency armorer/inspector from CBP Harper’s Ferry campus on their issued Colt M4 rifles. ¬†These details were passed on to me from a confidential source and…

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Top row, left to right: two Magtech .38 Special 158 grain LSWC; two DoubleTap .38 Special +P 158 grain hardcast LSWC; two Federal .357 Magnum 158 grain JSP.

Bottom row, left to right: two Federal .38 Special 158 grain LRN, two Federal Gold Medal 148 grain full WC.

All of these rounds could be fired from one gun; while revolvers may be old, their ability to perform many roles from self defense, hunting, and target shooting, is hard to match in a semi-auto pistol.