At the 2014 IDPA Nationals, I did more reloads on the move than I had done at every single IDPA national match before that combined. This despite reloads on the move being generally illegal, except for one caveat: if you run dry in the open. Revolvers run dry in the open a lot, it seems.

Shooting question: when you should get on the trigger?

Photo by Shelley Rae

Photo by Shelley Rae

We all know what the 4 Rules say. Rule 3: Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target. In the photo above, my sights aren’t on the target in a way that I could verify. But my muzzle is in a safe direction, and I’m sure of what’s beyond my target. I’m willing to subject myself to the Internet Safety Nazis in order to have a conversation: when is it too early to get on the trigger?