Gun Nuts Review: Henry Big Boy .45 Colt

Henry Big Boy .45 Colt full

One of my favorite movies of all time is the 1985 Lawrence Kasdan western drama Silverado. If the name Lawrence Kasdan rings a bell, it’s because if you’re like me, he also wrote a couple of movies that may have been important to your childhood. Perhaps you’ve heard of a small film called Raiders of the Lost Ark or a different movie called The Empire Strikes Back? That’s right, he wrote the best installments in both the Indiana Jones franchise and the Star Wars franchise. But what does that have to do with this rifle? In Silverado, Danny Glover’s character (Malachi Johnson) carries a Henry rifle, and delivers a fantastic line: “Mister, you ever see what a Henry rifle can do in the hands of someone who knows how to use it?”

The gun gamer’s dilemma


You know what is awesome? First person shooter video games. Especially the Battlefield lineup, and of those Battlefield Hardline is pretty fantastic. It is immediately evident when playing the single player campaign that someone on staff is a huge gun nerd. The guns are modeled incredibly realistically, right down to in-game ACOG featuring the correct “donut of death” reticle. But when playing the game, this presents a dilemma for gun nuts like myself: because I can set up a gun in game almost exactly how I’d set up my real life equivalent, do I do that? Or do I entertain a ballistic flight of fancy?

Gaston Glock Style Introduces new line of custom knives made from pistol barrels


Smyrna, Ga. (March 24, 2015) – There are many words that spring to mind when discussing the popular “Glock” line of pistols, but “beautiful” and “artistic” are not often among them. Yet that’s exactly what the craftsmen at GASTON J.…

Gun Nuts Reviews: Smith & Wesson 325PD

Smith & Wesson 325PD Right side

In the early to mid-2000s, everyone was screaming for lighter carry guns. For a number of reasons, Smith & Wesson decided it would be awesome to offer some of their very popular L-frame and N-frame models with scandium frames and titanium cylinders, resulting in wrist destroying magnums like the 329PD, chambered in .44 Magnum. Of course, the Smith N-frame lineup also includes the legendary 625, the .45 ACP moonclip revolver. It was only natural to make a scandium framed, titanium cylindered version of that, resulting in the gun you see today, the Smith & Wesson 325PD.

The best all-around gun I ever had

I imagine that if you did a google search for “the best gun for x” you could spend days and days wandering forums and blogs reading thousands of different opinions and ideas on what the best gun for a given task is. But what if you only want one gun? What if you want the best all around gun that will be good for concealed carry, competition, home defense, hiking, and just be as good at everything as it can be. Good luck with that. However, here’s the best all around gun I’ve ever had.

Gen4 Glock 21

Surprise! It’s a Glock, but it’s not a 9mm. It’s a Glock 21 Gen4, which I think is the best .45 Glock has ever made and is definitely the best “all around” gun I’ve ever owned.

Weaver vs. Isosceles, revisited

Ain't nothin' sweet about how I hold my gun

Ain’t nothin’ sweet about how I hold my gun

Now once upon a time not too long ago, a blogger like myself wrote a series of posts comparing the Weaver stance as associated with Jeff Cooper’s Modern Technique and the Modern Isosceles stance. Actually, pretty much everyone has fought this battle over and over again. Back in the day, I was a staunch defender of the Modern Iso that’s used by literally every top competition shooter in the game. These days? I don’t think it matters at all for 99% of shooters.

Why bullseye is the most popular pistol shooting sport

If I asked you, dear reader, what you thought the most popular pistol-based shooting sport in America was based on participation, what would you say? IDPA? USPSA? GSSF? Well, if you picked any of those, you’d be dead wrong, because the answer is bullseye.

Colt National Match Cold Cup Series 70

Colt National Match Cold Cup Series 70

Yep, good old fashioned boring bullseye. Why is that? Is just because of tradition? Or is there something more to the fact that the Camp Perry Nationals had over 600 shooters last year?

Pros and cons of carrying a moonclip revolver

S&W 986 9mm

There has been an uptick lately in the number of revolvers available that are chambered in traditional “semi-auto” cartridges. While some of them aren’t great, like the Rhino in .40, the recent offerings from S&W are pretty awesome. Especially the L-frame 986 pictured above. People have been asking me about carrying that gun, so here’s a quick look at some of the pros and cons of carrying a gun that uses moonclips.