1. I bought a pair of fingerless gloves/mittens to try for cold weather. They worked great the first time at the range, open the mitten part then you have bare fingers for working the controls. The second time at the range, the velcro didn’t hold the mitten part all of the way open. Can you say jammed semi auto. The mitten part got caught in the slide between the barrel. Back to the drawing board.

  2. Similar weather here in the Twin Cities to yours. Pocket carry is good if the garment is rigid enough. A loose fleece will sag and print, a chest pocket in a Carhartt type jacket is good. Situational awareness, as always, is key.

    Thinner leather thinsulate gloves are better for gun handling, but not as warm as leather work gloves or choppers. I’ve found if you have bigger, thicker gloves on, if you can flick them off to the ground as you go to draw, it helps.

    I know i couldn’t draw a G42 with thick gloves on. My finger wouldn’t go through the guard.

  3. winter pocket carry is the tits. it’s the only time my old J-frame gets any mileage anymore.

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