Dan Wesson Valkyrie Commander 9mm Review

Time for the final review of the Dan Wesson Commander! This was by far the best gun I’ve had come through the tests in terms of build quality and performance. That makes sense because it’s also the most expensive of the guns I’ve personally tested.

Final score: 99/100
10-8 Performance Test: Passed
Parts Breakages: None
Armorer issues: None
Failures to complete the cycle of operations: 1


  1. Im glad you had such sucess with the Valkyrie. I’ve been reading alot about the new Ruger 9mm Commander. Id prefer the Valkyrie when I can scrape the cash together. A gun like that is an investment.

  2. Don’t forgot about the flush cut barrel (looks amazing!), the recessed slide stop (also amazing!), and the black treat finish (also beautiful). Dan Wessons are some of the finest 1911’s for the money and in my experience right up there with the custom shop guns. My example of three DWs have been nicer than the one Wilson Combat I have had.

    I have the Valkryie CCO 9mm and I love it. My favorite gun by far.

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