The 4 Rules of Gun Safety: Rule 3

Now we’re at Rule 3 in the 4 Rules: Never point your weapon at something you’re not willing to destroy. Pretty easy, right? Today we’ll see what happens when we apply a little critical thinking to it.

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  1. Great video. It seems like institutions have institutionalized the breaking of various rules. It’s okay to point real guns at real good guys, for example, as long as they only have simunition ammo in them. It’s okay to do it as long as they have dummy rounds in them.(1) It will be a real challenge to change this widespread and sometimes departmentally accepted behavior. But the costs of not doing so are real.(1, again)


    “[Chief of Police] Lewis has asked the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to conduct an independent investigation which, the chief said, will determine how the ammunition ended up in the handgun without anyone noticing.

    That same weapon has been used in previous simulation classes, which the department holds annually, Lewis said.”

    In other words, the Chief thought that the practice of pointing real guns at old librarians was fine, as long as those real guns had dummy rounds in them. But then, this time someone made a mistake.

    Remember the “trust game” in the Marine Corps? Why did people think it was okay to point M9s at each other? Answer: because we all knew that they were unloaded and it’s okay to point unloaded guns at fellow Marines.

  2. My personal pet ‘this-shit-makes-me-crazy’ moment:
    I’m at my local gun store big box buying some primers (which always seem to be down an isle from the gum desk in a case), I successfully find the guy who has the keys/obtain primers and proceed to walk either to the front or gun desk to pay… Which is where I seem to about 50-60% of time walk directly into the muzzle of some window licking DNA donor(s) who are pointing some form of (usually long)gun at my head/chest.

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