Living with AIWB: Go for a walk

In today’s video, I don’t shoot anything, I don’t review any gear, I just…walk. But the point here is to address the people who’ve commented on my videos that “appendix carry isn’t comfortable for all day wear.” To which I say “bollocks” because if I can walk 7 miles in under 2 hours with a gun at the AIWB position and no undershirt, then it’s perfectly comfortable.

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  1. Might be OK in an OC State, but don’t try that here in South Carolina concealed (no OC) when the heat index is 110.

  2. I think AIWB is pretty comfortable as well. And I’m mostly using a Raven Vanguard 2. Though I do usually prefer an undershirt as a barrier. I might not prefer that if I were using a different holster though.

    1. Yeah, I’ve used pretty much all of Raven’s tuckable appendix carry holsters, and I’ve found that some of them are significantly more pleasant with an undershirt.

      The VG2, VG3, and ACR are all fairly low profile and pull the gun very close to the body, so I tend to prefer wearing an undershirt when using them (I usually carry a G17 RTF2, so that’s a big part of it). With the Eidolon, an undershirt doesn’t hurt, but it’s far from necessary.

  3. Question: Looking at the Shaggy on their website they offer a backing. Do you have no backing, leather comfort or leather heat shield backing?

    1. I use the shaggy with the leather comfort backing, and I find it to be perfect. I haven’t tried the heat shield backing. I have the leather backing on 2 of their holsters, and wearing either of them all day is no problem.

  4. Anyone who doesn’t believe that appendix carry isn’t comfortable or practical just hasn’t found the right holster and belt for their needs. As an extremely average sized person (5’10”, 180 lbs or so), I can carry a P229 in a shaggy all day, whether walking, running, driving, or whatever. A good belt is completely necessary, however. I use a beltman belt, and I can’t recommend them enough.

  5. Today where I live in South Carolina, at the posting time, the Heat Index is 109°.
    Staying indoors.

  6. I realize being outdoors in any Dakota (north or south) isn’t fun, but honestly I don’t really think smoking was the issue there. Is it good for me? Probably no! But is it the real reason I hurt when the weather turns nice and I go for a walk? No, that reason is I’ve been sitting on my ass for 4-6 months and now I’m doing exercise.

    Also smoking while walking is kinda nice.

  7. Caleb,

    I’m relatively new to handguns and the whole armed lifestyle. I do realize that I need to be able to protect myself and loved ones around me and that I can’t expect/rely on LEO’s to be there when I really need them.

    I am left handed and have an amputation below my right elbow. I have a prosthetic right arm/hand and can use it to hold the gun for reloads, mag changes etc but as of now none of that gets done with the speed and accuracy of having two hands. I am pretty accurate with only one hand and although drawing, especially from concealment needs work, I am much better than some of my two-handed friends.

    I have been experimenting with concealed carry especially AIWB and have read many of your articles on this and other topics. I am fairly confident in that position will work best for me and it feels the most comfortable.

    This past weekend I practiced carried a full size sirt pistol in a Stealthgear aiwb holster with just shorts and a t-shirt doing my regular yard work and some driving. I had friends, neighbours over and no one, not even my wife noticed. The sirt pistol has a much longer barrel and grip than my Springfield XD Mod 2 carry gun, and I’m sure the XD Mod 2 will be much easier to conceal and carry.

    My greatest concern however is the fact that the barrel is pretty much always pointed in the direction of my inner thigh/groin or crown jewels and a ND would probably do some serious damage. I know that guns don’t shoot themselves and a discharge if negligent is because someone is careless, stupid, absentminded didn’t follow the four basic safety rules or all of the above. I have to admit its in the back of my mind irregardless.

    How do you get beyond this one facet of AIWB carry to be completely comfortable and confident as you seem to be. Also do you carry locked and loaded or empty chamber which seems to defeat the purpose of being armed and ready

    Your advise is always appreciated and I look forward to your articles each day.

    1. I always carry my 1911 cocked and locked with the safety on. The number of redundant safeties on the 1911 make me feel pretty comfortable carrying it at the AIWB position.

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