Shooting the Badlands Challenge

So I thought up this course of fire while shooting at Badlands Gun Range, and decided to name it the Badlands Challenge. The course is simple:

  • 5 shots WHO, 5 yards, 10 sec par, low ready start
  • 5 shots SHO, 10 yards, 10 sec par, concealed start
  • 5 shots freestyle, 15 yards, 7 seconds, concealed start
  • 5 shots freestyle 20 yards, 10 seconds, concealed start
  • 5 shots freestyle 25 yards, 15 seconds, concealed start

If you watch the video, you’ll see that shooting it cold I shot a 245-18x. I could have cleaned it, but I got a little carried away at the 10 yard string and dropped a five. The par times are REALLY LONG, because the point of the COF is to get you to shoot accurately, not fast. That being said it’s quite possible at 20 yards to run out of time if you’re not paying attention to what you’re doing. I shot both 20 and 25 in about 9 seconds each.

Penalties are simple. Miss = 0 points. Over time shot = lose the highest scoring shot on the target. Extra shot: lose the two highest scoring shots on the target. So for example if you shoot 6 in a string instead of 5, you’ll only end up getting four scored hits, and the two best hits on the paper won’t count. Savage.

Must be shot on a Bianchi Cup target to count!


  1. Cool. you came up with Standards..

    For Beginners….

    USPSA Standards are:

    6 Shots, 6 Seconds, 50 yards Freestyle

    3 Shots, Reload, 3 Shots, 6 Seconds 25 Yards Freestyle

    6 Shots, 10 yards, 6 Seconds SHO

    6 Shots, 5 Yards, 6 Seconds WHO

  2. The recoil seems fairly noticeable out of your .357Sig round. I would have thought in a heavy 1911 it would have been more manageable.

  3. Thanks for posting this drill. I need to get back into my SIRT and live fire training.

  4. Badlands, you gotta live it everyday
    Let the broken hearts stand
    As the price you’ve gotta pay
    Keep pushin’ till it’s understood
    These Badlands start treating us good

  5. Nice idea. I used it yesterday for my guys as a warm-up.

    I mis-remembered the par times and made it 10 seconds each, which still felt okay for 25 yards.
    If you want to make it more easy to remember, I recommend changing this, I think 10s is still plenty for precision shots.

    234 points. I keep pushing up the safety on my new 1911 when shooting WHO, which cost me time to debug. Something I had not noticed before. Lesson learned, thanks.

  6. “Must be shot on a Bianchi Cup target to count!”

    goddammit I was hoping it would be a USPSA Metric target so I could laugh at you and call you a newb.

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