Be like Pat Mac

I don’t have trainer goggles – I’ve never really bought into the whole “cult of personality” thing that you see with a lot of “name” trainers. You know what I’m talking about: dudes getting into internet slap fights about how my sensei can beat up your sensei because they’ve decided that one trainer is the be all and end all of trainers.

That being said, if there’s one trainer I absolutely want to take a class from, it’s Pat Macnamara. That’s because while other trainers are busy getting into internet purse fights, he’s off in a corner being a BEAST.

Plus, he always seem to be having fun in his videos, which is nice. But I’ve never seen him get drawn into the silly internecine infighting that seems to be so common in “name” instructor circles. I wish he’d get back to posting more videos of his crazy shooting drill/workout combos.

You keep being awesome, Pat Mac.


  1. Many of the big name instructors have a criminal history, have shot a student, or have never fired a shot in anger but fall back on their service to sell classes.any of the things being taught in “tactical” classes by popular instructors have never been used in the real world, ever.

    1. I don’t think it’s the case that “many” instructors have shot a student or have criminal backgrounds. I can only think of one example of each of those categories.

      I’d also say that quite a few of the current big name instructors have fired plenty of shots in anger and are teaching things that are quite relevant.

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