Photo of the day: Dan Wesson Valkyrie Commander 9mm

Just got this in today for a 1911 test, and oh my goodness is it a pretty gun. The finish is nice and dark, the Hi-Power style slide cuts have me weak in the knees, and just the general spartan appearance of it makes me happy. It has night sights, nice frontstrap checkering that isn’t too aggressive, and JUST LOOK AT IT.

Have your 1911 Commander range-ready with the Shooter’s Value Pack from Blade-Tech! Less than $50 gets you an injection molded holster and a twin mag pouch, all you need for a day at the range or an IDPA match.


  1. Happy to help you test that out in USPSA Single Stack this year, wouldn’t mind trying Minor this year.

  2. That is a sharp looking gun. Pannone was shooting a similar Dan Wesson at a recent Covert Carry class, and he was a big fan.

  3. A friend of mine has a rack of Valors. Now, I am not a M1911 guy, but he let me fire some of them. Man, they are great shooters and very at home on the bullseye range. I am sure that Valkyrie is excellent.

  4. Email me if you want to shoot some other Dan Wessons. I get to Sioux Falls once in awhile and would be happy to bring a V-Bob, Heritage and Razorback along.

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