Virginia will again recognize other state’s carry permits

Last weekend, Gov. Terry McAuliffe of Virginia announced a bipartisan deal that would restore CCW reciprocity to the state of Virginia. The new bill will grant reciprocity to more states than were covered under Virginia’s previous agreements. The bill is still working it’s way through Virginia’s General Assembly, so there is a chance that it could get derailed.

In exchange for expanding VA’s reciprocity, VA House Republicans agreed to provisions that would take guns away from anyone subject to a domestic restraining order, and would also have the VA State Police attend gun shows to provide background checks for private sellers if so requested.

Overall, this looks like a pretty solid deal for gun rights in Virginia. If the crybaby reaction of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence’s reaction is any indicator, it’s actually an excellent deal for gun rights.

Mr. Governor, you have been a good friend and led the way on this issue for many months. But if you think we are going to let you drive this bill home without a fight, you’ve got another thing coming (sic). It is terrible.

Good luck to Virginia getting this billed passed. I’ll be watching its progress through the VA General Assembly as it would be nice to be able to carry in VA again.


  1. “…Republicans agreed to provisions that would take guns away from anyone subject to a domestic restraining order….”

    They’ve been doing this for years, already.

  2. I’m a Virginian, CHP holder since 1997, and am ashamed at our Attorney General’s actions. I hope it hasn’t caused much undue hardship. It is quite an embarrassment.

  3. Yes, it was pretty ridiculous given they don’t have a requirement to shoot. Hopefully this goes through.

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