1. Most J Frame/snubbie owners couldn’t shoot 2″ groups with their snubbie from 5 or 7 yards, from a rest. Just saying. But most gun owners dont know how to shoot groups period. You wrote about bullseye competions/ training a while back. It would serve all handgun shooters to hit this training when the fundamentals slack off. And do it with a da revo. Just sayin.

    1. amen. I’m *not* a particularly good shoot, but I’m generally on the 8×11 printable targets I use at 20 yards with every round…..sadly even *that* seems beyond a lot of folks. I’ll see people shooting at full sized targets at 10 yards and missing 1/2 the time.

      Of course then there’s one or two old guys that frequent that range that can get 3-5″ groups at 25 yards with any handgun worth a damn. I aspire to be like them.

  2. Yes J frame snubbies are accurate if you have the right grip on it. I put a Hogue monogrip on my Smith & Wesson 642 and it made a world of difference in shooting ability and it still is extremely easy to conceal.

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