Walther announces new PPS M2


Walther’s Slim 9mm Meets Comfort with the New PPS M2

(FORT SMITH, Ark.) – New to the Walther line of personal protection pistols is the PPS M2, an innovative new 9mm pistol that sets the bar for ergonomics and comfort for concealed carry. The new PPS M2 is engineered for the concealed carry shooter looking for a slim 9mm that provides superior concealability while maintaining comfort and accuracy. The new PPS M2 is built to carry, measuring in at 1 inch wide, low profile and smooth features. This coupled with a new push button style magazine release for easy operation, highlights some of the changes from the Classic PPS to the new M2.


The new PPS M2 is equipped with a smooth, light 6.1 lb trigger pull, which improves control and accuracy. The PPS M2 can be the perfect fit for every shooter with Carl Walther signature ergonomics, that have become a staple in 21st Century Walther Arms. The PPS M2 is also available in an LE edition with phosphoric sights.

Adam Blalock, Walther Arms CEO stated, “I have been really excited about the PPS M2 since the beginning of its development. The PPS Classic has been my everyday carry gun for years. It’s a great gun and the idea of improving on the original was challenging … but our team has done it. The engineering enhancements and modifications that create the new M2 truly elevate this pistol into a class of its own.”


Adding the PPS M2 to the Walther handgun line is a prime example of Walther’s dedication to continued innovation and customer focus in the fast growing personal protection industry. The PPS M2 will be available in retail stores in early 2016. It will also be available to test at Industry Day at the Range at SHOT Show and viewing on the showroom floor during the show in Las Vegas, NV January 18th – 22nd. For more information on the PPS M2, visit www.waltherarms.com/ builttocarry.

Walther is the premier provider of personal protection and recreational firearms of various calibers ranging from .22 to .45. With a vast devotion for continued innovation and customer focus in a fast growing industry, Walther Arms engineers products that are Built for Life.


  1. I carry a “classic” PPS. Some thoughts:

    1) I like the trigger guard mag release of the classic PPS, but I know it’s considered odd
    2) Doesn’t look like the magazines will be compatible, which sucks
    3) No front rail slot, which seems like an oversight

    To me, it seems like an all new (and basically different) gun that doesn’t seem to meaningfully improve on the classic version. If I were to upgrade my PPS, I can now also consider the Glock 43 since I can’t re-use my mags, etc.

    1. It’s possible the magazines will be compatible with new floor plates installed. And I don’t think the lack of a rail was an oversight, as I never understood why it existed on the original. My PPS was never a firearm I personally felt needed a light attached, and the rail seemed superfluous. I’m really hoping they removed that doohickey that disabled the gun when you removed the grip panel. Even though I know it was an incredibly remote chance that it would fail, it always bothered me a little and is the reason I sold mine. I loved everything about that pistol aside from that.

  2. Its too bad Walther has come to suck so bad in customer support. My experience with the CCP falling apart and subsequent customer service has been horrendous, and a quick perusal through the Walther forums will show I am not the only one.

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