Magstorage Solutions AR-15 Mag Holder

I recently saw this AR magazine storage device on the DVOR website (Which is a wonderful website for finding all variety of gear you didn’t know you need), it seemed to be well made but it was manufactured by a company was one I had never heard of – Magstorage Solutions. I did a little research, looked at the photos several times I decided it was something I could use.  A short transaction later, it was on its way, bought on my own dime.  I am pleased to say, having installed it and done numerous mag insertions and extractions, that I feel it has legitimate value.IMG_4855

First things first, what is it? A polymer, wall mounted, AR mag storage device. It allows you to store 6 mags, loaded or unloaded, on a vertical surface. Now I fully recognize that many people just lay their mags down, but my organizational OCD keeps me from doing that.

Does it work? Yes!  I haven’t tried the retention in a vast variety of temperatures but I don’t foresee that being an issue. The unit has six slots, each of which holds a single mag under light tension. The mags snap in and out with ease and are secure when installed. In short, it works as advertised.

IMG_4880As the photo shows, I tried several different brands and types of 30 round mags – Magpul, C-Products, a surplus G.I. unit and a single Magpul 20 round mag.

I need to make it clear that Magstorage Solutions advertises this for use with 30 round magazines, but I am happy to report that the 20 round mag fit quite nicely and was secure.

So, do you “need” it?

If you are OK with clutter and you leave your loaded mags lying around, then probably not. If you are Rambo, with 10 loaded mags in a plate carrier, ready to battle the ghost of Saladin;  this probably isn’t for you.

If you are short on storage space or appreciate items being located precisely where you expect them, this is for you.  I also suspect 3-gunners would like this, given all of the gear they keep.

In the end, I love it and think it was money well spent.

You can find them here: Magstorage Solutions