More evil than necessary

By now you have likely heard that last Friday night Paris was attacked by what has proven to be a multinational group of terrorists flying the ISIS flag. Even now French and other European police forces are conducting raids in a bunch of neighborhoods dominated by islamic immigrants. The mastermind of the Paris attack was killed in Seine Saint Denise in a neighborhood that had been identified by the government of France as a “sensitive urban zone”, or what has been more widely known as a “no-go zone“.

There are many excellent resources on the web using the events in Paris to discuss concepts relevant to surviving should you find yourself in the middle of such an event. Greg Ellifritz (you’ve heard his name here before) has a superb blog that catalogs this sort of information for easy reference, often adding his own useful insights on top of the linked material. I strongly encourage everyone to go read his posts on the subject, and I’ll point out that a lot of what happened in Paris was discussed in the Unthinkable class I attended earlier this year.

I’d like to say I was enraged by the barbarism on display in Paris, but unfortunately at this point it is just sadly predictable. It is yet another act of barbarism in a long line of barbaric acts by islamists bent on world domination. (No, that’s not an exaggeration. Go actually listen to what they say.) At this point my biggest gripe isn’t even with the terrorists anymore. They are murdering savages and if tomorrow I woke up with a big red button I could press that would cause all their brains to explode, I would put on a tuxedo and summon the media so they could bear witness as I pressed the button and danced the Charleston to the staccato rhythm of ISIS craniums being emptied across the world. They are loathsome creatures with a loathsome ideology and for the murder and misery they have caused I hope they all burn in hell…but they aren’t the real problem.

Our biggest problem is the complete failure of leadership in western civilization. Shortly after the Paris attacks a soccer game in Germany was cancelled due to concerns that it was going to be blown up and German citizens were warned not to walk in groups, presumably so it would be more difficult for terrorists to slaughter them wholesale if they weren’t bunched up. Anyone who has been paying attention to the news knows that the German government has been admitting thousands of “refugees” from lands that are hotbeds for terrorism…and these people are not widows and orphans as alleged in the news stories. Even the UN’s own data shows that the “refugees” are mostly men. The picture of the German government admitting a bunch of military aged males with backgrounds they cannot possibly verify on the one hand while shutting down soccer games and telling citizens not to walk in groups lest they be slaughtered by the wolves in their midst on the other is the perfect summation of what a clown show leadership in all of western civilization has become. I don’t have language to describe how utterly perverse it is for a government to throw caution to the wind in accepting anybody who walks to the border without even a trace of skepticism about their origin or purposes for coming while at the same time warning its citizens to not walk in groups so as to maybe avoid being slaughtered in the streets by the murderous elements they’ve allowed in. 

It’s like we’ve been unknowingly transported into some sort of alternate universe zoo where the harmless people are kept in cages while the vicious animals roam free.

Just about every form of electronic communication you engage in is being monitored in some capacity by various government agencies. If you want to fly anywhere for business or recreation, you have to be subjected to searches just shy of what prisons subject rapists and murderers to. And why? Because there are bad people in our midst and we must protect against their attack!

Bad people like the Tsarnayev brothers, who we let in the country as “refugees.” So was Beatrice Munyenyezi. And Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman. And Fazliddin Kurbanov.

Bad people like Ander Grady, who we only put in jail for 18 months after he beat a man to death for fun. And Francis Benjamin, who will likely be out shortly for good behavior after attempting to murder rival gang bangers.

Because these bad people are in our midst, we must ban encryption! And we must ban more guns! Never mind that the Paris terrorists didn’t actually use encryption to hide from the authorities, and that they didn’t exactly buy their Kalashnikovs and bomb vests at the corner store.

We see this over and over again, and with domestic crime too. In 2013 Chicago PD’s clearance rate for murder was roughly 30%. The police couldn’t even bring charges for the worst type of crime in almost two thirds of cases, leaving heaven only knows how many murderers running around breathing free air but the President and his political allies would have you believe that the real problem in Chicago is insufficient gun control. Somehow the fact that I can buy a pistol is the real reason why people are getting shot in Chicago…not the fact that the streets are filled with so many violent criminals that their criminal justice system is completely overwhelmed, all this abetted by a street culture that is so diseased that police get minimal if any cooperation in trying to lock murderers up. Even when the victim is a child.

Nine year old Tyshawn LeeNINE YEAR OLD…was executed in the street in Chicago and nobody is talking. But somehow all that’s on you and me. Right.

It is impossible to improve conditions if one refuses to at least be honest about what the conditions are…but time and time again the leaders of the western world are either too stupid or too cowardly to even admit to basic undeniable truths that are screamingly obvious to someone who hasn’t willingly taken leave of their senses. Stupidity is a luxury, the most ruinously expensive of them all…but the people pushing this idiocy are not the ones paying the bill.

It is high time We The People stopped listening to these damned fools. They should be sweeping floors, not making policies that impact the lives of billions. Government as an exercise is a necessary evil, but it’s a whole lot more evil than necessary if we put idiots at the helm.








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  1. 99.9% of politicians are worthless. Doesn’t matter what political side of the fence they choose to align themselves with, they’re all the same. Filthy rich power hungry cretins that have their own agenda and self interests as priority number one. They have absolutely nothing in common with any of the rest of us. Any claims they give to the contrary are pure bullshit. The super rare ones that might actually give a damn about us won’t be in “the club” with the rest of them, making them completely impotent.

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