Bucket list guns: HK UMP45


Back on April Fool’s Day I ran a joking “review” of the UMP45 where I pulled all the gun’s data from Battlefield: Hardline. I had fun writing it, but what I didn’t touch on is the fact that I’m utterly stupid for the UMP45 and would move heaven and earth to get one.

Among HK cognoscenti, what I’m about to say is blasphemy, but I prefer the UMP45 to the MP5. That’s not based on any practical, real world application mind you – I’ve never operated operationally with either gun, but I have shot both, and the UMP just kicks me right in the gigglebox. “THUMPTHUMPTHUMP” goes the .45, and that makes me happy. Maybe it’s a video game thing, maybe it’s a .45 thing, but I don’t know. When it comes to Kraut buzzguns, the UMP45 absolutely nails it for me.



  1. Well, you too can have one!!

    All you need is Money and Patience!!

    You need:

    HK USC Carbine
    A bunch of Expensive Aftermarket Parts
    And Patience!!

    HDPS and HKParts have all you need for your own UMP Clone!!

    Did I mention a shitload of Money??

  2. Caleb,

    You seem to have a soft spot for pistol caliber carbines. As I recall a few months back you wrote a couple articles on your quest to find the pick of the litter. Yesterday I was at a gun shop inspecting a Colt 6951 and a used Beretta Storm carbine both in 9mm. I really can’t come up with any good reason why I should buy one. The ability to be able to shoot steel close in without worrying about damage, using one at indoor ranges, and cheap ammo all go through my head, but you can do the same thing with a .22lr. I was at the NRA show last weekend and from the number of pistol caliber carbines and new oversized pistols just waiting to be purchased and turned into SBRs I’m not the only fool out there wanting one of these things. Just don’t understand.


    1. I think the real draw of a lot of pistol-caliber carbines (like 9mm AR15s) is that they allow the shooter to shoot and manipulate a rifle (granted the magazines aren’t the right shape) while using more affordable ammunition (especially if you reload).

  3. That would make the KRISS Vector feel like the value proposition of the 21st Century!

  4. You used to have a Kriss Vector? How does that compare? I’ve never shot either but conceptually (and in hard-line) i think I’d prefer the vector with its “recoilless” hinged bolt and use of glock mags

  5. I don’t see most pistol caliber carbines as filling a role that couldn’t be better filled with something else.
    But I don’t care, I really want one so badly I can taste it. Stupid budget concerns 🙁

    1. Oh–do you know if you could get a barrel in this for .400 Corbon?

      Cause, uh, reasons. Fun pew pew pew reasons

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