The five best scenes from Justified

Justified is one of my all time favorite TV shows, and it’s a favorite of gun nuts everywhere. The writing and gunplay are on point, and it seems that’s there is something for everyone in the show. We like it so much that we featured The Guns of Justified in the December issue of GunUp the Magazine, which you can download on your iPad at this link. But now let’s get to my five favorite moments from the series. Oh, spoilers for people who’ve never seen the show, duh.

5. “I hope I got that right”

In Season 4’s Outlaw, Raylan gets in a fast and dirty shootout with an assassin disguised as a county deputy. What’s great about this scene is that Raylan acts on nearly pure instinct, as he has no reason other than his gut to believe that the person he shoots isn’t a real cop; but he reacts fast, bullets fly, and he finishes the scene with a simple line: “I hope I got that right.”

4. Pretty much all of Boyd Crowder

It’s hard to pick a favorite Boyd Crowder moment in the show, because he plays such a great foil to Raylan. One minute he’s helping Raylan, the next working against him. Season 5, the most recent season as a nice return to form for Boyd, as he started dropping bodies all over the place again in order to get what he wanted from the system. I particularly enjoyed the finale of Season 5, where he set up some cartel hitman to get killed by the US Marshall service in order to accomplish his objectives. Oh Boyd, you scamp.

3. Tim shoots Colton in church

Tim Gutterson is one of the supporting characters on Justified, and one who I don’t think gets enough screen time or character development. However, in Season 4 we do get a look into his backstory a bit, and he ends up wrapping up one of the season’s important plot lines and dealing with one of that season’s main villains. In typical Justified fashion, he deals with said baddie, one Colton Rhodes, by shooting him repeatedly in the chest. In Tim’s defense, Colton tried to draw on him. (note; I couldn’t find a clip of this on youtube, sorry)

2. “You’ll pay to find out”

In season 1, in the very first episode, Boyd Crowder asks Raylan what gun he’s carrying. Raylan responds with what would become one of my favorite one liners of the show when he simply says “you’ll pay to find out.” Boyd decides to pay the toll, and finds out first hand exactly what Raylan is carrying, which in that scene was Colt Officer’s Model. That also marks the only time in the series you see Raylan with a 1911 variant, as for the rest of the show he carries a Glock.

1. “Next one’s coming faster”

This scene is probably everyone’s favorite, and is by far one of the most badass things to happen on television. Watch the video above, and if I have to explain why that’s so great, you’re a bad person and you should feel bad. It’s a genuinely great moment from what I feel was the show’s most uneven season – Season 3 had some really great moments, but on the balance I felt like it was cluttered and busy, trying to do too much. But this moment is just fantastic.

It’s New Year’s Eve, we’re taking a light day, but what are your favorite moments from Justified?


  1. The scene where the bad guy was asking Raylan if he had heard of the “21 Foot Rule” and then proceeds to trip and stab himself with his own knife to the consternation and confusion of Raylan. 🙂

  2. I really wanted Mr 21 Foot to die ironically.

    Thanks for making my dreams come true, Justified.

  3. Did you not wake up this morning thinking this was another opportunity to mess up some bad guy’s day? I did

  4. Whoever did the casting for Justified did an top-notch job. Walt Goggins plays Boyd’s character perfectly. You could almost do another post just on Nick Searcey’s funny as hell comments throughout the show.

  5. You definitely hit some of the best. I also really like the scene with the guy who likes to put the gun between him and Raylan then tries to use the ice pick.

  6. The 3rd episode, called “Fixer”, Raylan went to a house looking for someone. Another guy came out and started talking to Raylan about old west gunfights. Raylan gave him a clinic on what could go wrong when drawing a weapon.

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