USPSA Statement on the suspense account

To the membership of USPSA,

The Officers and Directors of the US Practical Shooting Association became aware yesterday of an allegation that a significant number of expenditures were persisting on a “suspense” listing because they had not yet been reconciled against receipts. Our current understanding is that the receipts are available and that there had been a plan in place to reconcile these items as soon as the Nationals were completed. Sadly, what should have remained an administrative task at USPSA HQ has now become a public controversy, damaging the reputation of our organization despite there being no evidence that any funds were lost or misused.

Standing policy requires that the headquarters office comply with generally accepted accounting practices, and we note that both a 3rd-party accounting firm and a periodic 3rd-party review are already included in the normal headquarters process. We take these allegations very seriously, and will be asking the accounting firm to oversee the reconciliation process and provide guidance on how this situation should have been addressed. We expect a “clean” suspense report when that reconciliation process is complete, and will publish that report in order to address member concerns.


USPSA Board of Directors


  1. What the hell is the matter with the BOD? Having personality conflicts on a BoD is inevitable. But when 2 members plus a long time accountant for USPSA resign because of the actions of whatshername, it should be obvious there’s a serious problem that needs addressed.

  2. The controversy is not about a suspense account, clueless USPSA Board. Its about an accountant resigning because of your ED’s practices.

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