Team Colt’s Maggie Reese Wins Third IronMaiden Title at MGM Ironman 3-Gun Match

WEST HARTFORD, Conn. (June 19, 2014) – Colt’s Manufacturing Company congratulates sponsored shooter Maggie Reese on claiming her third IronMaiden title at the MGM Ironman 3-Gun competition. Reese competed in the Open division and finished with 509.0427 match points. She also won the IronMaiden title in 2011 and 2013.


“Maggie did an outstanding job defending her IronMaiden title,” said Joyce Rubino, Vice President of Marketing for Colt’s Manufacturing Company. “This is a difficult match, with stages that can take several minutes to complete, so we are very proud of the skill and athleticism Maggie showed.” Reese competed with a Colt LE6920 through the match’s rifle stages, where round counts were well over 100, and Mother Nature added even more difficulty.

“The Colt 6920 was very reliable as I navigated not only through the stages, but also the heat and lots of dust,” said Reese. “The match was very physically challenging, and I walked away with some burns and bruises, but those were well worth it.”
Reese’s next competitions include the USPSA Area 8 Championship in Fredericksburg, Va. and the USPSA Handgun Nationals in St. George, Utah.
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  1. I first saw this on Colt’s facebook page. For a guy like me who runs 6920s this was a bit of an eye opener. I’ve been thinking of trying the 3 gun thing, but assumed I would need a more suitable upper. You know something with a longer handguard like the cool kids run to be even in the game. Looking at Maggie’s gun causes on to rethink. Maybe I’ll take that upper money and pick up some more ammo and call it a day.

  2. Good shooting Maggie, Congrats!

    Caleb, I have a suggestion that may make this article better. Who finished in second and third to Maggie? What were the scores? What rifles did they shoot? What would you think if you read that American swimmer, Michael Phelps won the 100 Butterfly in 49.82 seconds?

  3. Looks like that was just a press release from Colt about their sponsored shooter, not written by Caleb.

    But I agree, I wish they would put more info into these releases. All of them are the same. No supporting info.

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