1. Since you post this video a while back I’ve been thinking of a Nano as a summer pocket carry gun. I have yet to shoot one, though I have dry fired one at the LGS back to back with a Kahr CM9, I thought the trigger on the Kahr was MUCH better, but, still need to shoot both.

    Maybe the next 90 Second Gun Review can be a CM/PM9?

  2. I own both the Nano and Shield and I too prefer the Shield, it just feels more like a real gun. I find my Shield a bit more accurate, but that’s probably due to my inadequacy with a long double-action pull. I used to have that skill and lost it. One thing you didn’t mention about the Nano is that I think it is perhaps the least snaggy of all the guns I’ve ever touched, there is nary a switch, lever, angle or really anything to catch in your pocket. As for the Nano being too slick, I cured that with Talon grip stickers and will probably order some for my Shield as well.

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