Taurus Marketing Fail

taurus marketing fail

Check out this screen cap from the latest Taurus TV/marketing spot. You can watch the whole commercial here, but be warned that it’s pretty terrible. When I first watched it, I got to the 50 second mark, saw what was going on, and had to rewind it to watch it again to make sure my eyes didn’t deceive me. But they didn’t, and in THEIR OFFICIAL COMMERCIAL they show a woman point her own “loaded” gun at her weak hand while simultaneous finger-banging her crappy nylon holster so that she can actually get the gun in there in the first place.

It’s like this one frozen frame of video perfectly encapsulates everything bad about CCW all by itself. Carry On, Taurus. Carry On.


  1. Well, to their credit, it does probably depict the reality of their primary market. Can you imagine the confusion that depicting quality leather or kydex would spark?

  2. Reminds me of their ad they always run in the paper magazines of the president sitting there with his tie not fully tied. He looks like a moron.

  3. i like turtles. and nitpicking and dissecting gun handling done in controlled environments for the sake of advertising with an unloaded gun and no finger on the trigger. but mostly turtles.

    1. Bad form is bad form. Period. Whether it’s during practice, demonstration or for a commercial, it’s still bad form. Bad form can quickly lead to things being ventilated or blown completely off. When you put bad form into advertising you create, within the populace, a false sense of “So that’s how it’s done”, which leads to the aforementioned ventilations and missing digits. We have enough problems right now; let’s not compound it.

  4. The President there has a history of bad marketing.
    Surprised he didn’t have his own face in the commercial.
    Has he announced his candidacy for President of USA yet?

  5. Really? She didn’t have her finger on the trigger as she made sure she inserted it correctly back into her ISWB holster. What is the problem here ?

  6. Caleb, they got you. You were so keyed in the flappy holster and self-sweeping that you totally missed out on their new, totally awesome, *invisible* weapon belt!!! No longer do you need to rummage through your belt drawer (With that holster, who needs a holster drawer?) to feel out of place when your tactical belt doesn’t match your shoes. Just go au natural with nothing to hide!

    I will say however, that I keep one of those style holsters in my glovebox in case I need to leave the Shield behind temporarily. If the heat kills it, I’m only out $5…

  7. Yeah this is a pretty petty thing to critique a company who is just saying “hey we got your back and hope you buy our guns”. Would you rather see an ad with some guy walk into a gun store and ask, “so why Daniel Defense?” and then have the commercial cut to commando dudes in camo shooting full auto with explosions all around? Perhaps Taurus knows their customer is a regular Joe or Jill with a limited budget for firearms but still wants something prettier than a Hi-point. Daniel Defense knows their customer is the elitest of all warriors or those that think so and shapes their ads accordingly. Disclaimer: I do not own a Taurus nor have I ever.

  8. OK this is pretty horrible. Lets teach people to open their holster with their fingers in front of their gun. I think we should DQ that add.

  9. First comment nailed it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone carry a Taurus in anything swankier than an Uncle Mike’s holster. Evidence bags, yes; Galco or Comp-Tac, no.

  10. Only fail I see is this stupid fan boy website, get a fucking clue assholes not everybody carries a crappy glock in the latest over priced holster. geeezzz what a bunch of gun snobs

  11. Okay, kids, as some of the above don’t seem to understand why the cheap, flappy soft holsters are not a good idea.

    First, holstering a gun is really, really dangerous, mmmkay? You are pointing a loaded gun at your anatomy, while at the same time, the gun is moving foward.

    Now, class, how can that cause a problem? (Tam, let the other kids have a chance to answer!) That’s right, if the trigger gets snagged during the motion, a loud sound will likely result! And that loud sound means you’re going to have a Bad Time.

    With that in mind, let us examine the holster in the photo above. The material is rather soft and pliable, thus a fold could form under the trigger and BOOM! It has happened before, and will happen again.

    Now look at a good holster. A good holster is RIGID, either made of a solid plastic material, or reinforced leather. This keep one from shooting themself in the leg.

  12. If you don’t see what’s wrong with this picture, you are a danger to yourself and others and you need some remedial training – or at least some serious reconsideration of what you think you know about firearm safety. This is akin to a cellphone company showing a teenage driver texting on the highway, while the announcer extols the virtues of their unlimited text plan. I’m not a gun snob. My mother uses a cheap, floppy holster like that – has for decades – she really likes them. They’re versatile and can be very handy. She always puts the gun in the holster in her hands – not in her belt or pocket – and then puts the holster, with the gun in it, where she wants to carry. Safe gun handling is a habit that you must cultivate with constant, conscious practice. Our industry should always demonstrate exemplary safety practices. Doing anything less is irresponsible.

  13. Geez, it took how many comments before someone clarified what was really wrong; it’s not the holster, it was the method being used to re-holster. I prefer soft side holsters as well, but like JK above mentioned, you holster it in your hand, then clip it in. A good holster is the one you use intelligently, the one that does the job you need it to do. If I want to carry outside the waistband, I wear a leather belt slide holster; no hard side holsters here. If I was a competitive shooter, then things would be different, but for cc, soft is the choice for me.

  14. As a final thought, I’d like to mention that I think the commercial is really great – except for that momentary fail – but when it comes to guns, a momentary fail is all it takes. Taurus really needs to tweak that little clip of the ad – which is, after all, the punchline of the spot – and their agency should make the change gratis, because it’s definitely a screw-up.

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