Beretta ARX-100 is now shipping

Probably my favorite gun at SHOT Show 2014 was the Beretta ARX-100. Its clever design and neat features made it stand out for me from a sea of ho-hum business as usual AR15 products. You can read more about the ARX-100 in the March issue of GunUp the Magazine. Good news for everyone that’s excited for the gun, because yesterday Beretta announced on their Facebook page that the ARX-100 is shipping!

MSRP on the ARX-100 is $1950, no word yet on what they’re going to street price for. Needless to say, I’ll be calling our good friends at Beretta today and making sure our T&E request is lined up and ready to go for one. My plan is to run it at M3GI as well as take carbine classes with it. I’d like to really rock it hard and see how it performs under high round count shooting tests. Now I just need to find a carbine class to take.

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