Training for the 2014 IDPA Indoor Nationals

Last time I shot the IDPA Indoor Nationals was 2011, which is depicted in the above video. In 2011 I shot CDP using a Gen 4 Glock 21, and ended up finishing 4th Master. Not too shabby, especially considering it was my first Indoor Nationals.

This year, I’ll be returning to the match, shooting my favorite division and squadded with a couple of the biggest revolver beasts to ever spin a wheel. Let’s take a look at my plans for training for the match in the next month and a half.

I’ll be shooting a Ruger GP100 in SSR. Looking over the field in SSR, it’s considerably lighter than it was at the 2013 IDPA Nationals. There are currently only two SSR Masters shooting the match, and two Distinguished Masters. Of course, getting past the DMs isn’t going to be easy, since they’re Kirk Crego and Josh Lentz. Kirk won the main Nationals in 2012, and Josh won Indoor in 2011, and main Nationals last year. Those two are a couple of great revolver shooters.

To train to win, I need to look at my past deficiencies and train to overcome my weaknesses. While it would be tempting to practice the stuff I’m good at, that won’t help me win the match. So I need to really bear down and focus on my reloads and not dropping points in dumb places. Looking at my past performances against Josh and Kirk, I tend to drop a more points than they do. At the 2013 Nationals, Josh dropped 54 points to my 83, and Kirk dropped 77. I dropped most of my points on two stages that involved some long range shooting where I missed head shots, so I’ll be focusing on low percentage targets. The other key area of focus for me will be reloads, specifically the first shot after the reload. I’m quite quick coming back on high percentage targets, but then again so is everyone else. I need to be able to reload and come back to a 10+ yard shot about 0.25 faster than I can right now.

The 2014 Indoor Nationals is going to be interesting. I have a great flashlight technique that requires the use of a Crimson Trace RailMaster, so I’m definitely prepared in that area. It’s going to be fun!


  1. Learn not only to reload but to Shoot-Reload-Shoot in conditions of low light and no light. Also practice in various lighting conditions on your front sight. The three port range and some of the other stages can trick up that front sight. Don’t forget movers….

  2. oh man… this reminds me i need to do more myself. ’14 is my first time to the indoor nats.

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