The contrasts that the media won’t talk about…

Almost a year ago I hammered out an angry blog post in about ten minutes that discussed the idiocy of a magazine limitation as a means of stopping active shooters that went sort of gun-world viral. In the wake of the horrific act of violence at Newtown, the usual media and political suspects had themselves a PR orgy and tried to use the blood of dead kids to lubricate the skids for some irrelevant gun control measures that would have done absolutely nothing to prevent the tragedy. At the time the NRA took all sorts of stick in the media for suggesting that the proper answer to a malevolent narcissist looking for a body count in a school was a good guy with a gun who could stop him.

In my post about the idiocy of a mag limit I said:

When you examine the active shooter situations that have taken place you see that shooters who had time managed to tally a fairly high body count regardless of how weak their weapon was or how much ammunition it was limited to. When you examine the active shooters who were met quickly with armed resistance, they didn’t manage anywhere near the same level of carnage even if they were armed with a superior weapon to the person who challenged themThe body count is limited by how long it takes for armed resistance (law enforcement or non-sworn citizens with guns) to materialize, not by the capacity or supposed lethality of the weapon the shooter uses.

A year after Newtown, another malevolent narcissist appeared in a school with plans to rack up a body count. I’m sure the timing had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that just a year before the media spent countless hours covering the guy who murdered a bunch of kids, turning him into a celebrity and putting forward all the ways in which society somehow failed him. Nope. Nothing whatsoever. There is no possible downside to covering these jackasses with more media exposure than a Kardashian and airing their imagined grievances before the world. We’ve been told as much by top men. Top. Men.

So a year after Newtown another malevolent narcissist shows up to a school bent on carnage and yet…no wall-to-wall media coverage. No politicians in sack cloth and ashes pushing a ban on cosmetic features of firearms. Something is different, but what?

Unlike Newtown, the intended slaughter of innocents at Arapahoe quickly turned into a gunfight. I’ve said this before but it bears repeating: Any time an intended slaughter turns into a gunfight, the situation has improved dramatically. A guy bent on slaughtering the innocent who suddenly has to face incoming gunfire can’t get his murder on with anything near the level of efficiency he’d like. I don’t care how bent on destruction someone is, incoming gunfire has a way of grabbing your attention and screwing with your game plan. This is why we as a society pay to have people in uniforms armed with lethal weapons and send them to go ruin the day of bad guys. As I mentioned in “A world without guns” :

We have some rules and if you break them, we’ll send men with guns who will make you stop one way or another. You can respect the rights of others because it’s the right thing to do, or because we’ll lock you up or kill you if you don’t. Your choice.”

Many in society’s elite scoffed at the NRA for suggesting that the answer to a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, but as is so often the case in our society reality comes along and neatly demonstrates how woefully wrong our self-proclaimed elites are. The same people who breathlessly supported a dude who couldn’t get a website up in more time than it took to build a nuclear bomb from scratch insist that a proven solution isn’t the answer to the problem. They’d rather pass legislation they don’t even understand:

…than do something that would actually offer real hope of minimizing the damage to innocent life. In Arapahoe the malevolent narcissist intent on a body count met armed resistance a little more than a minute after manifesting, and as a result he was unable to generate the sort of body count that leads to a full-on blood orgy by the media, politicians, and moron celebrities. As soon as it turned into a gunfight the miserable little coward ate his own gun. As I’ve mentioned before, this isn’t unprecedented, as it’s happened in other lesser known active shooter situations that the media isn’t fond of covering. There’s ample precedent to show what works and what doesn’t, but the insufferable jackasses who can’t tell the difference between a bazooka and a shotgun aren’t going to bother testing any of their ridiculous assumptions with actual fact.

Right at the anniversary of Newtown somebody tried to up the score, but because one good guy armed with a handgun was around we instead got a beautiful contrast between the worthlessness of the policy proposals of media figures, politicians, and celebrities and the very effective solutions proposed by the NRA and others who actually have a damn clue on what they’re talking about. Nothing the elites proposed stopped or would have stopped the little coward who went into that school intent on murder prior to the act, but a policy we as the gun community wholeheartedly support proved VERY effective at stopping him dead in his tracks before he could soak the ground with innocent blood.

The media nitwits who see ratings in bloodshed won’t draw the contrasts plainly evident here, but we can. Through sites like this one and social media we can make the argument. Make the contrast. On social networks, on forums, around family…make the factual, rational argument. It’s true that some people are immune to reason but you’d be amazed how many people out there will be willing to listen to your position when you draw the contrasts the media won’t go near. If we don’t make the argument, no one will.


    1. This is what happens when you try to spell “Arapahoe” correctly. You invariably forget to check other words.

  1. Very very good post, that encapsulates all the things I’ve been thinking. Saves me some time writing! Haha

    Its amazing the cognitive dissidence that occurs when the antis think of guns.

  2. Did I miss the armed response? I thought Arapahoe was planning to shoot a specific teacher who escaped, shooting some random girl and then killing himself?

  3. A great article. I would only point out that the gun grabbers know exactly what they are doing. They want, indeed need the Newtown’s and Aurora’s. This is about people control not gun control. So they need these events to disarm us and make us totally dependent upon Govt protection. I am convinced the problems with ACA (Obamacare) is from the same cause. To collapse the free market health care system so as to allow for a complete Govt takeover. Look to England. The left has pushed to turn us into the UK for decades. They are the model.

    1. I don’t disagree, Ethan. I was chatting with some folks this morning about that very point. The answer to the question of bad men inflicting harm on others is pretty darn simple. However one wishes to view the origin of the human species, it’s pretty darn clear that our ancestors figured out the solution pretty darn quick: You arm yourself and fight back. As I said in the “World Without Guns” post, nobody dials 911 hoping an ethicist shows up to try and have a conversation with the bad man. They want a dude with a gun to show up.

      The Newtown public relations orgy wasn’t really about the little kids who died. It was about smearing their blood all over the public conversation in an effort to push the policy preferences of those who hate the idea that their neighbor might be able to buy a gun. Attempting to shout down the NRA had nothing to do with a legitimate policy disagreement because it’s not really possible to argue that school resource officers are a bad idea. It was about trying to ensure only one narrative saw the light of day so that the reflexively unthinking masses that these people suppose are the vast majority of people (which is why they shouldn’t be trusted with weapons, you understand) accept the point of view endorsed by their betters. (Namely politicians, media types, and celebrities)

      Thankfully their nonsense is finding an ever smaller audience. They were hoping the unthinking masses they regard with such a low opinion would follow the script and petition to be disarmed. Instead the masses went to the gunstore and bought every darn thing they could lay their hands on.

      1. Unfortunately these people will never stop. They are well funded (Soros and the like.) The Un in it’s plan for one world Gvt needs a disarmed populace.

        “Water sleeps. Enemy never rests”.

        I truely believe we are fighting one of the key battles for freedom for the future.

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