The Amazon Drones and gun nuts

Apparently, the survalist/prepper/threeper/SNBI/idiot section of the gunternet is losing their mind over the currently imaginary Amazon drones, because Big Brother/Illuminati or whatever. Then there are the people making jokes about how they’re going to shoot the drones down and take the packages, because apparently it’s funny to make jokes about destroying private property and stealing people’s stuff. Okay then.

We shall start this post by addressing the second group first: stop joking about shooting down Amazon drones, assholes. Seriously, think about what you’re saying for just half a second. What you’re saying is that you’d vandalize someone else’s property and steal someone else’s stuff because why, it’s fun? Way to play exactly into the negative stereotype of trigger happy white trash that the Brady Campaign wants to portray you as. Seriously, if you’re joking about shooting down Amazon drones and stealing their packages, you’re being an assclown and you should stop.

Annual Threeper convention
Annual Threeper convention

Now to address the group pictured above at their annual convention, the Threepers/SNBI guys. What exactly is so scary about Amazon using little flying robots to deliver packagages? How is that less scary than a stranger in a truck full of god knows what just showing up at your front door? Honestly, listen to yourselves. This is why no one takes you seriously.

Finally, I’d like to address Amazon. Most of us gun nuts like you guys just fine. I’m sorry that some people are jerks. I for one would totally love to have a little flying robot drop off packages of coffee or Safariland Speedloaders to my front door. That would be totally cool, and would be part of the whole “living in the future” thing that I’ve rather come to enjoy. Please make this happen. Also, if you could work on the flying cars and the hoverboards I was promised, that would be rad.


  1. I’ll admit I LOLed at the ‘Amazon Drones: Skeet shooting with prizes’ pictures, I didn’t realize people were actually sphincter-clenching about this theoretical idea that isn’t even feasible yet. I’d be more concerned with random-guy grabbing one of the remote control planes or helicopters, loading it up with whatever recipe his Poor Man’s James Bond suggested and flying it into fill-in-your-soft-target-here.

    And I really have to wonder….recall the town of Deer Trail talking about selling Drone Hunting licenses? Wonder about the implications of THAT now?

  2. Seriously, I LOL’d. If Amazon wants to use a robot to drop off the stuff I ordered from them and said stuff arrives on time and in the shape it is supposed to be in, I’m cool with it.

  3. Why do you go out of your way to find this junk? You didn’t even source these so-called “reactions”…

  4. It would be great to have packages delivered by drones from Amazon, if that was all it was about,but the military has licenseD to be drone technology to Amazon for free in exchange for using the drones to spy on citizens. I know it is true,because my brother in law is a secret squirrel for the NSA. He has been working on top secret drone technology from his mother’s basement for the last three years since he was “laid off” from Best Buy.

    1. So true- a guy at the gunshop told me the exact same thing. He should know, because he was a Ranger Seal in the Marines who fought in Vietnam war during the ninties!

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