1. Had mine for about a year, love it but the manual says change the recoil spring every 3000 rounds. Would be great if i could find some but even sigs website doesn’t have them.

  2. It’ll be interesting to see if you can get it to feed, fire & eject reliably. Every reviewer I’ve seen has had multiple problems. None of which stops me from fondling a 938 every time I come across one, thinking that this is the best “pocket 9” design around . . . if only it worked.

    1. Hey Chad, that is why I want to hear from those who own them. As I mentioned above, I have a P232 and a P290, I’ve had issues with both of them. They are accurate, and like the P938, very nicely fitting in the hand. But I can’t afford to have another $550 to $750 gun that is not reliable at least 99% of the time. Neither one of them is better than 96%. The P232 is closer to 92%. Even my LCP is 99%.

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