Finding Gun Lovers in Unexpected Places

20130905-115308.jpgThis weekend I helped put on a Jewish life and learning festival in the North Georgia mountains. It was a complete success and Immvery proud to be involved with the organization. People came from as far as South Africa but the majority of folks were Atlantans. Maybe it is the setting of the event, but every year this annual weekend long celebration, tends to attract a strong contingent of liberal hippie types. Because of this, I have been repeatedly warned, “don’t over-do the gun talk…” Or “you may not find too many people who agree with your gun politics at this event…” Of corse, I’m prepared for this, I grew up in New York City after all, and go back there often.

So you can imagine my surprise when I met a woman from a neighboring state, who had been part of a District Attourney’s office shooting team. She had been asked to join the team immediately, when she went in to qualify for a carry permit. We bonded immediately as she told me about dating her now husband and teaching him about her life as a girl gunner. She even relayed a story about the time she was informed of the release of a prisoner she had prosecuted and had to defend her home and her man, until the cops arrived. Now, as the mother of an elementary school aged child, I was impressed with her strength and continued interest in the shooting sports.

Somehow, in an environment full of liberal-minded, gun-control advocates, in the middle of the North Georgia mountains, I found a fellow gun-owning Jew. Further, she is an accomplished competitive shooter! These are the kinds of moments I enjoy most about the gun world. Sure we can sit on Gun Nuts and ArmedCandy, and talk to fellow like minded shooters, but preaching to the choir isn’t what motivates me to write or visit the range. Have you ever met a gun nut in an unexpected environment? I want to hear about it!


  1. Dood, I met an Australian on a park shuttle in Yosemite national park, he saw me reading TFB and said “A!!! That Lithagow arms Crossover really is a sweat piece isn’t it” we had and interesting conversation but he got off quickly and I was just there for a day climb so I never ran into him again.

  2. At a sprint car race in Australia wearing a Brownells shirt. Guy asked me how I got the shirt. Turns out he was a customer and his job was shooting feral goats for the Aussie goverment

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