Open Carry Derp shirt

I saw this earlier at ENDO, and couldn’t possibly believe it was a real think, but as it turns out, it absolutely is. This is the site selling what can only be described as the dumbest gun-related shirt I’ve ever seen. I honestly didn’t believe this was a real thing at first, but the internet did not disappoint me, and there it is.

Let’s talk this one through for a moment without having the OC trolls show up and get butthurt. I am not saying that Open Carry is stupid; and although I disagree with OC as a political lever, that’s neither here nor there in a discussion of this shirt. See, when I’ve been critical of OC in the past, it has almost always been because Open Carry is frequently used by “activists” simply as a tool to get people to pay attention to them. “LOOK AT MY GLOCK” screams the OC activist in desperate need of validation, which normal, reasonable folks that also Open Carry just go about their business with their guns on.

This shirt is for the guy that wants attention. That’s just the end of the discussion. It’s not clever, it doesn’t promote intentional discussion, it’s a stupid gimmick designed entirely to get people to do a double-take as you stroll through the mall sheepdoggin’ the high school girls at Hot Topic.

Seriously, if you want to Open Carry, just carry your gun. Don’t make a big production of it. This shirt is right there in “making a big production” category. For the 20ish bucks this shirt would cost, wouldn’t it be easier to just make a sign with markers that says “I have no common sense”?


  1. Oh look! Robb Lure!

    I’ve wanted a shirt that says “I’d rather be open carrying” for a long time. We *cannot* OC here in Florida anyway so it makes a much more valid point than in places you might be allowed to.

    I like the shirt. It has a “Ceci n’est pas une pipe.” vibe to it. And I’m not an attention whore (well, not in the OC sense. I have a blog to assuage my whoredom).

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