Top Shot Run on Recap: Tossing them dice

It’s PeanutButter Top Shot time! On today’s recap, there will be spoilers, so if you didn’t know that Lois discovers Superman’s secret identity in the new movie, you should check out now. Here we go!

Settling in for some Top Shot, last week’s episode was kind of weak in the sawce, if you know what I mean so let’s hope they step it up and hey cool, Remington single action revolvers I always kind of liked those because they’re like the hipster gun of the old west and the challenge is recycling the “shooting dice” challenge from uhh…season….uh…not the 1st season anyway there’s a neat twist – make the team captains pick their teams before the actual match so they have to watch everyone practice coolio so everyone practices and now it’s MATCH TIME SON and Kelly and Jamie are team captains and Kelly goes for the Obvious Numero Uno pick in a pistol challenge Brian Zins, and then Jamie goes for the obvi number 2 pick in my boy Big Chris and the rest is all irrelevant because you know it’s going to come down to those two and anyway there was a hilarious moment when Gabby kicked Adam’s ass on their stage but blah blah blah boring and hey look it’s all tied and the last two shooters are…wait for it…CHRIS AND GUNNY HOLY CRAP I CALLED IT and then Chris beats Brian like a rented mule which I didn’t see coming and now to the Proving Ground where they have to thread the middle of a CD with a bullet and I’m thinking “where do you even find CDs these days” seriously they must have used up half of the supply on this challenge alone but it’s time for elimination and it’s Gabby vs. uh…Alex, yeah that’s it Alex and the elimination challenge is shooting glass bottles with a 10/22 which looks hella fun, but I can’t help but wonder “oh god look at all the beautiful .22 they’re shooting” and in the end Alex wins and Gabby is eliminated, which is too bad because she seems cool and now the show will just be a total bro-town sausage fest.

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  1. I noticed they painted the CDs, including the clear plastic ring around the tiny center hole. At least they could actually SEE the target this time.

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