Daily Training Goals #13

No Recap today, hitting the goals fresh on the first Monday back from vacation.

DTG 06/24/2013

  1. Floor press 58% of my bodyweight
  2. Sumo deadlift 60% of my bodyweight
  3. Dry fire: 30 minutes, drawing the gun.
    • Surrender draw
    • Standard draw
    • Table start

A couple of notes on the workouts – I’d been struggling with form on regular deadlifts, and after some conversations with trainers, deloading and working my up the weights with a sumo deadlift was suggested as a good way to build strength for my standard DL. The floor press instead of the bench press is temporary because it places less strain on my left elbow. I have tendinitis in my left elbow, which has been aggravated lately by the dry fire and bench press. Floor press gives my elbow more support, and while it does limit my range of pressing motion, it has the side benefit of isolating the pectoral muscles better than the bench press at the top range of motion.

I don’t recommend replacing bench presses with floor presses for everyone, but in limited circumstances it can provide a way to keep training without risking injury. Of course, I should at this juncture probably go to the doctor for my elbow, but I’m stubborn and stupid.


  1. If you’re at 58% BW at floor presses, why not just go for push-ups? A standard pushup is roughly 66% and by shortening the lever (wider stance), you’ll get into the area you are currently working out with. The advantage would be that you get a bigger range of motion than in a floor press and, in case you are using a barbell instead of two dumbells, a more natural grip position that is easier on the joints.

    In case that you’re afraid that you might not be able to progress beyond that, have a look at what Steve Maxwell does with pushup variations. I’m a pretty good bench presser and proud of my numbers, but I am tempted to agree with him that, unless you are into powerlifting or related sports, you don’t need anything but pushups for horizontal press movements.

  2. “Of course, I should at this juncture probably go to the doctor for my elbow, but I’m stubborn and stupid.” Amen. Neck, shoulder, ankle hip…

    happy shooting, dv

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